Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shelter Island

Shelter Island was once a sand bar in the San Diego Bay. In the 1950’s, it was developed into a peninsula to offer shelter to yachts, as well as shelter for tourists in the form of four Polynesian-styled hotels. It offers one of the best views in the county: from one vantage point across the bay, you can see Mission Hills and Old Town, the San Diego skyline, the Coronado Bridge leading to Coronado Island and the Navy SEALs military base, all the way out to the Pacific Ocean past Point Loma. It’s almost impossible NOT to spot a sea lion swimming in the bay, and on a lucky day you might even see a family of dolphins frolicking between the moored boats. Shelter Island is a popular hangout for fishermen, boaters, tourists and walkers (with a 2-mile roundtrip walking path that parallels the bay.) The only residents of Shelter Island are the ducks, seagulls and, of course, the RV’ers.

Shelter Island is one of the places Tater and the gang spends much of their time. Here, there is always bay front parking that allows for an unobstructed view of the beautiful sights across the bay. With the exception of periodic uproar from jets and helicopters on the Navy Base, Shelter Island offers a peaceful respite that no money can buy (because it’s free…Duh!). Often, we’ll sit inside Tater and watch the sailboats, motorboats, cruise and military ships moving in and out of the bay. Sometimes, we’ll shoot the bull with the other RV’ers and fishermen who park along the bay. And we always find time to walk Lola on one of the many paths or take her for a run on the sandy beach. At night, we move Tater to the street as there is no overnight parking in the lots.

Shelter Island is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a place where we can relax and read a book or go for a walk, and ultimately be in the company of people who share similar values.

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This is what I like to refer to as "RV Row"... free bay-front parking (the RV behind Tater belongs to the first RV'er we met named Tommy)

This is a view of the San Diego skyline from Tater

A closer view of the skyline from Tater

These pigeons have no fear. They will fly right into our window if they are hungry.

I can feel their beady red eyes staring up at me.

Sailboats in the Bay

An aircraft carrier heading home

The Shelter Island Fishing Pier (no license required to fish from the pier)

A view of a marina on the back side of Shelter Island, taken from a walking path on Point Loma

Sea Lions are everywhere

Another sea lion

Lola coming in from a swim in the bay

Lola giving me grief for making her swim

The sandy coat is my punishment for making her swim

Ben & I

(sidenote: The sailboat in the first picture at the top of this posting belongs to a sailor named Dave. We didn't know him at the time the photo was taken but a couple weeks after it was shot, while we were nosing around the dock, we met Dave and he invited us aboard for some wine. Dave actually built the boat himself.)