Monday, November 26, 2007

Miscellaneous Pics

Me, working in the RV

Lola Sleeping...
Emptying the Shitter (it seems appropriate to call it a shitter when you live in an RV!)

Oceanfront Parking at OB
Parked at Sunset Cliffs (Tater is in the background)

Shelter Island (across from Shelter Island is Coronado with a Navy Base so we see a lot of crazy ships and jets when we stay here)

Parked at Mission Bay

Friday, November 23, 2007


Ben and I don't really celebrate holidays, at least not in the traditional way. I find it especially disconcerting to celebrate a holiday that came about by bullying the Indians off their land. But that doesn't mean I am not thankful for things in my own life. Coincidentally, the day before Thanksgiving, I finished reading a book called Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea, the true story of a man who survived 76 days in a life raft in the Carribbean. The story really prompted me to reflect on what is really important in life.

I think what is most important to me is not to compete for the best job, the biggest house, the most expensive car... but rather to live as simply as I can and leave only a tiny footprint on this earth. So many people take things for granted and if they never step out of their comfort zone, they will never understand the negative impact this has on the world. If everyone did their part, no matter how small they think it is, we'd all reap the benefits, or more importantly, our children would reap the benefits.

Anyone can live in a house, drive a car, watch cable television on their giant flat screen. Some people can't understand how I've given up nearly everything I owned to live a simple lifestyle. To them, I explain that it's easy. Once you let go of all the things you thought gave you status, your entire mindset changes and you begin to realize that status doesn't come from money and material objects... status comes simply from being able to survive with as little as possible...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

And then there was electricity!

Yesterday, Ben created a solar energy system for Tater, using a 134 watt solar panel, 2-6volt deep cycle batteries, and a pure sine wave inverter (among some other stuff). There is nothing like free electricity. :) Now I can work from the RV... so long as I am parked within range of some free wireless internet! Here are some pics of the finished product...

Our First Trip... Julian, CA

On November 3rd, we took our first camping trip to Julian, CA, a tiny town in the mountains, about 60 miles northeast of San Diego. Many of the trees in the area were burned in the fires of 2003. Needless to say, NO CAMPFIRES ALLOWED at these campgrounds! Here are some pics...

Photos of Inside of Tater When We Purchased Her

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Simple Life

I guess we've been in the RV for just about one week. Things are going well. Just trying to adjust to a new way of life. Last night, some drunk assholes walked by and banged on our windows while we were sleeping. Not cool. But it comes with the territory, I suppose. The hardest adjustment for me is getting used to NOT having 24-hour internet access. I probably spent way too much time on the computer when I lived in an apartment. It will be good for me to ween myself off but its been difficult thus far. Like a crack addict trying to kick her habit.
To those of you who are used to hearing from me daily, remember I am still thinking of you... I just can't always get online to see what your up to.
We ordered our solar panel and other necessary items... We should have electricity sometime next week... assuming the sun shows her face... Winter in San Diego can often be overcast and miserable... (well miserable for me... you New Englanders would probably enjoy the weather!) Luckily we have heat and hot water.
If you are wondering what we do all day, basically when we are not working, we just drive to any place we feel like hanging out (i.e. the beach, the cliffs, a park, or just the side of any road where we might want to walk around)... we seem to eat out a lot... take Lola for walks (she has a new energy since we moved into Tater)... spy on people from the windows around our bed... dvds.
I guess that's it. Since I don't get online much, I'll try to write some blogs now and again to let you know what I'm up to (I know some you probably don't care but these are for the people who do! hehe)...
Until next time...


[Blog from 10/29/2007]

Ok, so today I've been trying to move the rest of what we need into Tater. It's a tight fit. The hardest part is letting go of things I know I'll never need, but have some sort of mental attachment to. I know once we cut the cord and move in for good, I'll make fast decisions to ultimately chuck most of it.
Living in OB for 5 years now, I know we will join a vast community of RV'ers, living in parking lots or on the road side. I look forward to meeting the other rubber tramps, fighting over the best parking spots, listening to waves crash mere feet from my window. But that doesn't make the transition any easier today.
And so, today I say goodbye to all my high heels and fancy dresses. Adios to a full size shower. And sayonara to electricity... at least for the next few days!! Wish me luck...
Cheers all!

The End of Materialism As We Know It...

[Blog from 10/02/07]

In this age of materialism - when most people are vying for the best-paying job, the biggest house, the flashiest car - Ben and I have decided to sell everything we own and spend the next year or so living in an RV. The RV (aka Tater) has been purchased and within the next 30 days, we will be emptying out our apartment and readying the RV for the big move. Stay tuned for pictures and blogs as our adventures unfold! Introducing Tater...
1981 Toyota Huntsman, 4-speed manual, 4-cylinder, 19ft long.