Monday, April 7, 2008

Anza Borrego Desert State Park: Blair Valley

We spent the last day and night of our trip at Blair Valley. Also a primitive backcountry campground, Blair Valley does offer vault toilets, but who needs that when you have Tater? It is located at 2500 feet (second highest elevation of the Anza Borrego campgrounds) and is 32 miles south of the Visitor's Center. However, just 2 miles away is the town of Shelter Valley (pop. 340). From Blair Valley, we saw the pictographs (left behind by the Kumeyaay Indians) and did some dirt-biking around Little Blair. Little Blair actually seemed quite large, despite it's name. Ben also took off on a solo mission (my nerves could only handle so much dirt-biking through cactus fields) but unfortunately he didn't bring the camera with him (or maybe fortunately for the camera). Here are some pictures:

Tater at the campsite

On our way to the Pictographs


A view from the trail beyond the Pictographs

Another view from the same trail

Taking a break

Another view

From inside a cave

Ben on top of the cave

Ben & I relaxing on top of the cave

Me @ Little Blair

An egg-shaped cloud we spied on our way to Borrego Springs

We would have gotten to Borrego Springs quicker if there wasn't such a strong headwind!

A view on the way to Borrego Springs

A view from our campsite in the morning

Lola @ the campsite

Another view from our campsite

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